by Kymatica

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The Self Titled Debut. Songs of war and fire.


released March 26, 2015



all rights reserved


Kymatica Vancouver, British Columbia

"Kymatica" is a compound consisting of the lexemes "Kyma" (Greek translated as "wave form" or “energy) and "Matica" (Slovak translated as “matrix” or “source”). This music of the darkest light uses many seemingly paradoxical elements from soft and almost seductive, inviting one to become lost in textures only to turn and become as fire burning to cinders all laid before it. ... more

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Track Name: Bled Dreams
Follow the nails blood trail as another falls from scriptures call.
And even beasts bow in defeat at the summons of the fall. This feeling crushes reason like the dark insight. while the sun to scared to rise is burning from inside.

Alive, the dark in sight. Nothing cannot die. This time you forced it open, to see ruined our ancient muses. Nothing can be as sacred as the fight. For your life in this night vampiric spirits shift in sight. A darkened gloom pulls down the room but the moon it seems so fucking bright. In my mind the light it binds my sight to visions of forgotten rites. Where in there was something no one could deny that the flames would burn my soul. Time takes it's toll, death unfolds.
As a right, as the the light limits that in plain sight. The coming cold
forever yearning to be told amongst the desperate masses cries. Their gutted lullabies their meaning has but died.

Now it's dampened the hue you can't see through. When worshiped in two the daemon's die to. Though the pieces seems alike.
Never enough, never to rough the thrust of the blood, the cut of the touch. Trapped in dark and sacred pleasures yet nurtured at birth and born of the Earth.

Wait, I know this pain isn't OK. It reeks of decay but deep in the dirt the
fire still burns.

Bled dreams lost and obscene. Visions of lust and hatred. No one screams nothing can be when hope and light are wasted. Grow untold a flower of poisoned laughter knowing not where to find her I succumb to the one feeling burning inside.
Track Name: Give Her Man
Know, I am a million screaming children torn from their Mothers breast. I am the tortured feelings without consent a face like death.

Killing, reasons, endless meanings. The murder, the death, our passion for stealing. Sway in ways for falling apart. Silence the season but for no other reason. Come alone we're destroying our homes. Break your back this vice has no meaning. Yet can you live your life to burn it, on our eyes let the burden be me.

All I have seen has been lost and vagrant souls. All I have cost has been burdened ground. I fear the loss of my inner home.

Have you held forgiveness, given your heart for free. Have you let your god die been born alone in the sky. Nothing counts like feeling, while nothing given holds something lost. We are all the reasons for all the things enjoyed in hell.

Born with another hand to sway in bloody wind. Jackals fight for scraps at night destroying what's within.

Reason killing, endless treason. The raping, the death our passion for meaning. Sway in ways for falling apart. Silenced the feeling to live without reason. In death alone we remember our home. Drain your slide these rights have no meaning. Yet can you live your life to burn it. Open your eyes let the burden be seen free."
Track Name: For Lilith
Often dark and sultry lips that softly silence righteous gifts like fear God or he will cut you down, then what is to be free.
She feeds from worlds beneath love that are but are not born. As I see fragrant mists envelop me.

For lies that hide and coincide while she prays upon the youngest ones, as a demon of the deepest sea, like a whore on bended knee. She wears all beauty to behold terrible and glorious to be shown the dark side of me. And curves so delicate with me inside.

Blind unbound delight, This siren for sight, This temptress divine, Holds power over life men fear her, Sword hand Goddess.
Her wings as night, A lotus beyond light, To cut straight through, And change the view, She leads the way through the land of death.

Can't run away to be saved or betray.

While she can bend lines in sand. Distorts the mirror and will put in your hand the blood of those who've died to demons sacrificed. It's real don't lie the cosmic roll of dice, the darkest endless ride. She who can put in your hand your life slipping by.

Is a death storm over us.
Track Name: You're Me
Now alone a face in the dark to untie life which has grown beyond skin. Stretched so thin. The wonders of them, whether or not we can undo this land.

Like some unwanted sound, just pass through, can't eat you.

Listen the approaching gods are consuming everything that they can, beyond meaning. A feeling that rages like nothing else can have reason, can bare treason, just listen the sound is deafening.

Just say you want me to and I'll survive just for you. You know I can be true and all I really want is you. Smothered in, swallowed up, forced to see, illuminate.

To renew our fight for you to know what's true it lies in you.
Fight grow anew see it through. Through the mists it seems.

We are as gods inborn. Internal fire to burn the thorns.
Grow resistant to lies and deceit. Piercing see the unseen.
With death death to face down the barrel of a gun, yet already free.

Just open, open your goddamn eyes, there isn't any time to speak of. The war path is right through your fucking door.
Filth, forced minds disease, takes all you need when spiritual deaths a measured cost

Now at peace alone in the dark. A void held by many forms, a place beyond earth and bone.
Listen what you hear, false gods claiming everywhere. Beyond their lies, bigger than death.

Just open, open your goddamn eyes. There isn't any time to speak of. The war paths right through your fucking door.
Filth, forced minds disease, takes all you need when spiritual deaths a measured cost
Track Name: Fingered Carrion
When has your sacred death been held inside your mind. Fear acts as anchors to tether down your lives, bound in lies.

Let this, this be your death. It never really left, it's been waiting here all along. Rape, ruinous decay we take it all the way but what is the cost, the price of our own flesh.
Severed, hidden from the source like we decided to be blind.

Out of mind. At war inside and losing all the time. The poor are the shadows that change the meaning. This dead gods retribution.

To turn around the broken crown. Return once more, re-sheave the sword. This is our right to hold down the light. The serpent shows the lies God.

So if the way has been most due to the cost of war and shallow fallacies. Then faith, the crux and the cure, has been squandered savagely. Adrift sink in the deep like a mind without sleep can't really tell what's happening. So if the way has been lost due to the cost of war then face reality.

Your bodies bought and sold on markets full of blood thieving. And though the wound is old still it bleeds a potent meaning. To mark a hallowed road to indicate our deepest feeling. That if the way is lost its just means the cost is death.

What you hold within your breast, taken shape from ancient lore. Breathes the flames within your chest.

But you, you who took us from the pleasures of the flesh to finger death. When life is meant to be a glory beyond sight, beyond light.
Track Name: Ladder To Manna
Take it in to see how thin he reflection is right through skin. With the eye of your inner mind see beyond, right through time. An Eagles stare pierces the deepest layers of your soul and transcends them all. But demons grow out of control so let the vigilant stand.

Upon this land with blood soaked hands. We still dream of guns and sand. The maidens screams we are told are just bad dreams. But if she dies they'll know where you hide.

In the mind see yourself. The two of you fight it out. In the mind see yourself split into pieces of shell. In the wake all's at stake without war to make where will we run.

On this land of death storm sands. We will dream of horrid scenes. Let the images burn to the truth unlearned. That if she dies there'll be nowhere to hide.

Now explode this from me to you if desperate dreams have come through. Wake up, see what's there in your cup. No thing, fills the need. Liberate the sheep, give them arms to bare their weight.

A new world begins. The colors untie. Deep in without sin. The quest for the worth of the values enforced. Why must we serve the crown that worships death. I can't hold it in. The resistenceless force. I won't hide what is not wrong.

Now breathe it in to open your eyes to the world that dies but is not dead. With the mind of your inner light see beyond right through time. A demons stare has no weight to bare on your soul, on it all. So grow inside and you'll never have to hide bold faced lies.
Track Name: Fate, Doom
The moon shall fade from black to grey the whispers of the end of days those frozen souls to melt upon the way. Like every spoken lie has two faces formed to die. The cycles spinning endless time, the snaking goddess arms entwine. This forgetful sleep to slumber in the forest of the Nile.

A priestess heart at trial. A god less sanctified blurring justice to crime. Stealing minds with bleeding rites. A church to demonize and piss upon her sight radiant bearing light of a child, sacrificed.

Now bled your mind to flame.

So if war has come to be undone and grotesque offerings in darkness done. Then quiver at the caress of the worm tongue. Sycophant onto their Christ of hate. Until it seems it is light that illuminates. A tearing your soul for food. These beings that just take from you. A deeply twisted war inside, a deeply plunging heart felt knife.

In her divine. I bare witness to crimes dark sign.

Then as though this feeling drawn from the depths of ancient labyrinth songs for forgotten spirits who yet live on awaken now this day. To ivory towers fallen to the hanged mans cry. As the lechery of murdered children pulls the truth into the light.

Despite your eyes and fallen angels cries. Now comes a time an invocation of the light. To crucify the mind a transmutation of the night. And great deaths archetype the missing piece of life.

Born to die. This crime, this lie. Pillaging build their shrines. The blood of innocent their wine. Born to genocide at the end of mind.

Now we can be alone and see the horror kept inside. And hear the voices of the dead whispering come inside.